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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the Superpowers?
  • Superpowers are a premium account that allows you to use the Flingo Club without any restrictions respectively gives you certain benefits that free users do not have. See what the benefits of Superpowers are. Also, when you have Superpowers, you have no limit on the number of chat messages you can send per day or the number of photos you can upload to your account.
  • *Ladies can get 20 days of Superpowers for free every month. They just need to contact us. 


  • What are the credits? 
  • Credits are a virtual currency used on the Flingo Club. With Credits you can do a variety of useful things for yourself and the others. See what the benefits of Credits are.


  • How can I pay for Superpowers / Credits?
  • * You can pay by phone (SMS). All you have to do is select the service you want, like "Superpowers 1 day - 1 €" and choose SMS (Fortumo) as your payment method. Then click on the continue button and follow the instructions for sending a sms message to pay through your mobile phone account. The other person can pay for you as well and they don't need to know your Flingo username and password, just give them instructions for paying by SMS.
  • Important note: If you successfully completed the payment by Phone (SMS), you need to contact us to activate the service you have paid for as this does not happen automatically.
  • * You can also pay using Paypal account using Paypal funds you already have on your account or using Credit Card (the fastest way) that you have connected with your Paypal account. This is the safest way of payment and with no transaction fees. All payment is done on secure Paypal website so we don't have anything with your Paypal account. Also it is fastest way because the service is switched on automatically after the payment is done and you don't need to wait for administration to turn on the service. If you decide to use this payment method you don't need to ask us anything or wait, just complete the payment and the service will be imediatelly active on your Flingo account.
  • * The other way is to send us money directly to our bank account or to send money using post office service (PostNet / PostCash if this is available in your country).  Eventually you can use Western Union (this is less recommended because of high transacion fees) but all of these ways of sending money have additional costs for transacion fees and you need to wait for the transaction to be completed before service is activated. Also you have to contact us before payment to get payment instructions for desired service.


  • Why can't I always contact everyone?
  • To contact the most popular people on Flingo Club website you need Superpowers (premium account).


  • How does one determine who are the most popular people on a Flingo Club website?
  • The system automatically determines who are the most popular people by how many times an account has been visited during the month and by how often they have been contacted in a private chat. When looking at someone's account on the desktop you can see a small fire icon next to the account name indicating that the account is very popular at that moment. Popularity changes with time. New acounts often become popular very quickly because many people click on them. The popular account will be visible to others in the search box before others or offered sooner in encounters / photo ratings. Popularity can be raised with Credits.


  • Why don't you let me send my phone number / facebook / email in chat?
  • Due to the large number of spammers, we are forced to put certain things under the filter, which forbids them from chatting. These include most emails, mentions of Facebook, Skype, etc. and also unfortunately certain numbers and combinations of numbers are in the filter. This does not mean that you are not able to exchange phone numbers or emails with us, but you need to think a little bit about how to write it. That prevents spammers who jump in and start sending a chat to every person on the site inviting them to contact the spammer via email because they have something very important to tell them that they can't say here. Of course, when we detect a spammer, we block his account and delete messages, but most of you have the option to receive an email when someone contact you so it can be a little annoying and irritating. When the spammer notices that his email / phone is not printed as it should be, he/she slows down with mass messaging. And that is generally enough for us to prevent him/her from sending spam messages to all users of the site.


  • Can I post my erotic / porn photos? 
  • Yes of course if you want you can post them but on one condition. These photos must be set to private. Also keep in mind that when you designate someone as a friend on the site, they can see every single private photo of you. That is, if you are asked from someone to access your private photos, they will automatically become your friend on the Flingo Club website and will be able to see all the photos you have. Finally you need to know that erotic / porn photos may not be the only ones you posted but you must have a regular profile photo or 2 different ones that you have set as private that are not erotic / porn. Only after that you can post different photos that include erotic / porn.


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